Solgryn's Pokémon On Stream

Solgryn's Pokémon On Stream is a free application not affiliated with Nintendo made for streamers, allowing their viewers to catch, collect, battle & trade Pokémon live on stream! Whenever a Pokémon appears, players are chosen to throw a Pokéball in hopes to catch it!

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Trainer Sprites
Custom Pokémon
Custom Trainer Sprites

    Features include:
  • NEW POKÉMON featuring generation 3 and onwards with custom sprites by @Nuukiie on twitter!
  • Be able to choose which Pokémon "set" to play with (Generation 1, 2 or 2+) with seperate saves for each.
  • Challenge boss trainers with modifiers or create your own.
  • Luck levels increased by catching Pokémon, shiny Pokémon & beating bosses. Luck increases catch chance.
  • Typing Effectiveness & attack move animations per type
  • New Auto-catch option that allows active chatters to choose to catch automatically, no !catch needed to reduce "useless" chat messages a bunch!
  • New '!attack with' command to attack with a specific Pokémon for more strategy!
  • Loads of more settings to customize the program futher.
  • Now shows the amount of lures a user has left in the queue!
  • "View Savefiles" button.
  • Made 2 ultra ball redeems for 1 & 5 by default.
  • MissingNo.'s bird typing is a stronger flying typing.
  • Ability to use your own custom bot.
  • Stack challenges such as "random shiny strong" will randomly challenge someone with their strongest shiny Pokémon.
  • New stat for how many wild mons a user has fainted.
  • Fixed infamous ultraball bug.

Pokémon finder in SynthMethod's channel

No one has that Pokémon!