Solgryn's Pokémon On Stream FAQ

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Commands & Redemptions


Print a list of commands.

Check your dex progress and stats.

Check the top 3 and get a link to the leaderboard.

!dex <pokemon>
Check the dex of a Pokémon.

!stats <pokemon>
Check the stats of a Pokémon.

!trade my <pokemon> for <pokemon>
Put your Pokémon up for trade.

!release <pokemon>
Release your Pokémon.

Check your inventory.

View your team.

Change your team. Put a space between each pokemon.

Change your trainer sprite. View trainer sprites here.

Streamer-Only Commands

Make a pokémon come out!

!give <username> <pokemon>
Give a Pokémon to someone.

!giveshiny <username> <pokemon>
Give a Shiny Pokémon to someone.

!giveultraballs <username> <amount>
Give ultraballs to someone.

!changeusername <old> <new>
Change someone's username.


View redemptions on the download page