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Trainer Sprites
Custom Pokémon
Custom Trainer Sprites

    Features include:
  • NEW POKÉMON featuring generation 3 and onwards with custom sprites by @Nuukiie on twitter!
  • Be able to choose which Pokémon "set" to play with (Generation 1, 2 or 2+) with seperate saves for each.
  • Challenge boss trainers with modifiers or create your own.
  • Luck levels increased by catching Pokémon, shiny Pokémon & beating bosses. Luck increases catch chance.
  • Typing Effectiveness & attack move animations per type
  • New Auto-catch option that allows active chatters to choose to catch automatically, no !catch needed to reduce "useless" chat messages a bunch!
  • New '!attack with' command to attack with a specific Pokémon for more strategy!
  • Loads of more settings to customize the program futher.
  • Now shows the amount of lures a user has left in the queue!
  • "View Savefiles" button.
  • Made 2 ultra ball redeems for 1 & 5 by default.
  • MissingNo.'s bird typing is a stronger flying typing.
  • Ability to use your own custom bot.
  • Stack challenges such as "random shiny strong" will randomly challenge someone with their strongest shiny Pokémon.
  • New stat for how many wild mons a user has fainted.
  • Fixed infamous ultraball bug.

Setting it up

  1. Download the app and run it

    Click on "Get Oauth Key" and paste the entire thing into the program to connect.
    Capture it via game capture in OBS and allow transparency.
  2. Add Channel point redemptions:
    Make sure the spelling is the same when you add them!
    Icon Redemption Name Description
    Pokelure Lure out a Pokémon and be the first to throw!
    Change Trainer Change your trainer sprite! Put 1-68 in your message. View the sprites at
    Change Team Change your Pokémon team! Write up to 6 Pokémon with spaces in-between. Teams are used for team battles and attacking wild Pokémon!
    Pokechallenge Challenge a trainer for a battle! Syntax: <username> or <username> <random, weak, team or shiny>. Usernames can also have @ in front of them.
    You can put "random" as the name to battle a random trainer from the channel, preferring trainers with full teams or as many pokemon as you.
    Ultra Ball Buy an Ultra Ball to increase your next catch chance!

    The cost and cooldown is up to you!
    You can download icons here or make your own
  3. How battling works: Stats are based on the game. A Pokémon will do a special or physical hit depending on whichever would do more damage based on their stats and their opponents. You can crit & dodge. Shiny Pokémon have a higher chance to crit and dodge.