Solgryn's Pokémon On Stream FAQ

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Setting it up

  1. Download the app and run it

  2. To add it to your layout in OBS, SLOBS or your preferred streaming application, simply capture the window with a game capture, and then use a chroma filter (recommended OBS settings) to make it transparent over your stream. It's made to be pretty small on the screen in one of the corners.
  3. Click on "Get Oauth Key" and paste the entire thing into the program to connect.
  4. ProfSolgy will now join your chat and you're good to go! You can spawn pokemon in to test with !superlure.
  5. To setup channel redemptions, simply add a redemption titled "Pokelure" and "Pokechallenge".
    "Pokelure" calls out a pokémon and automatically puts them in the chosen 3 to throw.
    "Pokechallenge" battles another user, and needs to have a text input on Twitch in order for users to type a username to fight.
    The cost and cooldown is up to you!
    You can download icons here or make your own

How battles work is explained through the bot if you type !team. There are no typings, but stats are based on the base stats in the game and you can miss & crit. There are no evolutions, you simply catch every single one and you can only catch one of each.